Our Church


     We are now open for in person worship!   As we celebrate the sacrifice of Christ, the everlasting life of Christ and the promise of everlasting life for ourselves; we will do so in celebration of once again sharing worship in our building. 

     We come together as safely as possible. Masks are recommended and available here at the church if you need one. We ask that you maintain social distancing from those outside your inner circle. As much as I would love to see all of you here this morning and beyond, please come only if you are comfortable doing so. If you are feeling under the weather, we encourage you to stay home. If you have reservations about the safety of meeting in person, it is okay to wait. 

Radio Broadcast Sunday at 10:00 am on WTCH-AM (960) & WTCH-FM (96.1)

  • Listen to the radio online here HERE (Click on the “listen Live” and WTCH)

United Methodist Church Main Entrance

Past Services and Messages:

Ash Wednesday Service on YouTube

2/14 watch service on Facebook HERE
2/14 Service Recording Click HERE (This will require you to download the recording and watch on your computer)

  • Adult Bible Study- Please contact the church office for more info!
  • We ARE continuing our regular broadcast on the radio 
  • Also on ZOOM—call into church office if you want to be put on a list so we can contact you with the information needed to participate: 715/823-3523 or 1/920/737-4030.  
  • Please visit our Facebook page for additional updates, weekly messages from Pastor and other info. www.facebook.com/cvilleumc
  • Please visit the www.wisconsinumc.org website for additional resources on the current mandates for the WI Conference churches and other Conference schedules, updates and information.
    • ** They also have an online option to donate to your local church if you are looking for an online option for your weekly giving. (Don’t forget you can use your online bill pay option or send your check in the mail too!)


A Place to come…

If you are tired of carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest. (Mt. 11-28 CEV)Our church home is a place where you can:

Pray…   and feel God’s comfort

  • Worship…   and  grow in God’s presence
  • Study…   and learn God’s plan
  • Serve…   and experience God’s hand
  • Cry…   and feel God’s love
  • Celebrate…   and feel God’s greatness
  • Recharge…   and feel God’s spirit
  • Socialize…    and be with God’s children

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